Training course Arab Spring also available in 2013

Two CIIC volunteers – Lucia from Slovakia and Tomek from Poland and two members of CIIC – Javier from Spain and Kriss from Lithuania (as a trainer) have been participating in the EUROMED training in Jericho, Palestine, organized by Juzoor for Health and Social Development – International youth Training Course project entitled “Arab Spring Also Available in 2013”. The launching ceremony was presented by Dr Salwa Najjab – Director of Juzoor, Absal Nussiebeh – Head of International Department of the Higher Council for Youth and Sport in Palestine, and Dr Izzat Ayyoub – Task Manager from the European Commission Delegation in Jerusalem.

The project aimed to provide better understanding of active youth participation and inspire youth through the youth participation practices during the Arab Spring and other revolutions that occurred in the region. In addition it aimed to raise the youth awareness of the Palestinian situation. The project had 18 partner countries with participants from (EU and MEDA) from UK, Poland, Malta, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine.

The training course lasted for one week in Jericho Governorate, a city that is more than 10000 years old; it included several active workshops, information sessions, street discovery, study visits, and building local and international actions and projects.

During the training Lucia and Tomek and 30 other participants from Europe and Arab countries were exploring recent situation in Palestine – like youth participation, economic and political conditions, development perspectives. The training was focused on Arab Spring examples which were presented by Egyptian, Moroccan and Jordanian participants. Moreover meeting with representatives of the other organizations give them possibilities to make new friendships and exchange good practices in work with youth in particular examples.

“It was most educative and touchable training and journey I have ever been to. Training was perfectly prepared and all participants were very experienced and active. We got possibilities to learn a lot about youth participation in Arab countries which give us great view what is going on in the Middle East. Training help me with understanding our cultural differences. At the same time I realized that image of Mediterranean countries which is created by European media is not really true. In Palestine I feel very safe and all people who I met was extremely kind and open for new experiences. Thanks to participation in such an event I learnt more about Euro-Med program which gives young people possibilities to improve their knowledge not just about Arab countries but also about themselves.” (Tomek, EVS volunteer )

“It was an unforgettable life experience. Training was professionally organized, exhaustively informative and inspiring. Team of participants was very well chosen, creating an interestingly diverse group of youth workers, leaders and volunteers, who were always ready to share their experiences, good practices and life stories. Moreover, training was very dynamic, combining informative aspect with field visits in Jericho city and Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem. Having a possibility to meet Palestinian people and speak with them face to face about their everyday life, challenges they face and difficult situation they live through every day, was very strong, emotional and educative experience. Just by reading news, reports and watching documentary movies, one still cannot imagine clearly the reality but once you have a chance to see it and live it even just for few days, it makes a difference, it becomes personal, it concerns you, it makes you think and raise many questions. This training was extremely enriching for me, it showed me good examples of youth participation practices, helped me to understand better cultural differences, familiarized me with EUROMED program and raised my awareness on Palestinian situation.” (Lucia, EVS volunteer )

Training included study visits in the cities Jericho, Bethlehem and Ramallah. It gives participants possibilities to meet local people and observe daily live in Palestine.

This EuroMed Youth project is organized by Juzoor for Health and Social Development with cooperation with the EuroMed Youth Unit in Palestine through the Higher Council of Youth and Sports in Palestine the project is funded by the European Commission.

Juzoor for Health and Social Development is a Palestinian organization established in 1996 in Jerusalem. It has started its experience in EuroMed region in 2007 and it promote for non-formal education. EuroMed Youth program IV: is a regional program set up within the framework of the third chapter of the Barcelona Process entitled “Partnership in social, cultural and human affairs”. Its geographical scope comprises 35 countries (27 EU, 8 MEDA). It promotes the mobility of youth and understanding between people in relevant to common topics in the EuroMed region.

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