“Mano a Mano para Amistad” – “Hand in Hand for Friendship”

The Youth Exchange “Mano a Mano para amistad” will meet two in one: education in Europe using non-formal methodology and awareness among youth about the importance of children & youth. In any project we will try to achieve an objective: social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and families of lower economic status and always being aware of that. This Youth Exchange promoting diversity will bring together 50 young people aged mainly between 17 and 26 from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Algeria, Egypt, Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and Gaza strip, Israel, Turkey, and Spain. The activities will take place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, from 24 to 29 of May, 2011.

We are going to send a message: let’s take hand by hand each other no matter what country you are and what is your economical situation or what is your past, but now let’s together work and enjoy the social inclusion, create friendship and be happy. During 6 days, we will develop the idea using non-formal education methodology and working strongly on team building, by playing and being happy all together we will discover similarities / differences within the different people of our time through workshops, we will make new friends and learn more about different cultures. Cos we love when we know! Also we are going to organize a big Exposition of photos in the centre of he city and create a big visibility of this project and our countries. 2010 was European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion, 2011 was European year of Volunteering. We want to emphasize important European values and to put them into practice.

Considering all reasons that are mentioned above, during this training course we are planning to focus on the concepts of

  • Friendship,
  • Equality,
  • Peace,
  • Intercultural learning.

Methodology of this project
This Youth Exchange will be based on non-formal education.
A lot of success of this project will depend on your individual work at home: preparing photo information and bringing it to Gran Canaria in order to make the best ever photo presentation of your countries, that never before we had in our Islands . We will share our experience and experience from our countries.
We will also learn through simulation games, round table discussions and other practical activities.
We will also shoot a short film (if you have video camera / photo camera – please, bring it with you).

The common language of the seminar will be English. Anyway, if your English is poor, come to this project: surely your friends from your country will help you :) moreover, we are open to learn new languages!!! :)

Who organises:
The project is organized by Association Centro Intercultural Ideas de Colores Gran Canaria, Spain.
Project manager and coordinator is Kristina Cernousovaite.

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