Let`s make volunteering visible.

We are a group of young EVS volunteers in Centro Intercultural Ideas de Colores in Gran Canaria. On 5th of December 2012, we will organize the International volunteering day in order to make volunteering more visible and to promote and present some volunteering possibilities for local youth.

In order to make people inspired and motivated, we decided to produce a short video full of life experiences of volunteers. In such a way, we would like to show the possible global impact of volunteering, its borderless opportunities and the concrete examples of concrete volunteers. Do you want to be the one who motivates the others?

Share your experience
Tell us about your volunteering abroad!!!

What you need to do?

Send us a short and interesting video, telling about YOUR volunteering experience.
Be creative, but mention:

  • Where you are/went?
  • What you do/ did?

Languages you can use in the video:

  • English, Spanish, German, French, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Lithuanian, or any other with English translation

The video should NOT be longer than 20 seconds!
Send us the video to video@ideasdecolores.org

We hope we can receive at least 50 videos that we can put together and thus present a short movie to inspire people and make the volunteering more visible!!!

Please feel free to share this open call with any volunteers you know!