How would you evaluate the current situation in the EU, from the perspective of a young person?

We ask question one of our EVSer.

How would you evaluate the current situation in the EU, from the perspective of a young person?

I understand that the question is about my personal perspective and not about what I think that other young people say (on average) about the current situation in EU.

I do not know the details of the EU politics and I suppose that is what the majority of Europeans would say. Probably I am also not going to learn more about the EU politics in the nearest future because it does not seem to be worth the effort, which is an issue on its own and I can not comment on it in this written statement. I shall, therefore, evaluate the current situation in Europe by comparing it with the situation in other regions of the world (in my subjective and, of necesity, simplified way).

I feel very lucky that I have been born in Europe and that I’m a citizen of the EU. I think that Europeans in general (including young people) can develop themeselves and pursue their goals without any major limitations. The financial crisis Europe is curently experiencing does not deprive the majority of citizens of opportunities for self-developement. My impression is that the crisis serves very often as an excuse for being inert and greedy (on all possible levels – from individual to social/political).

By using the term “inertia” in describing the attitude and social life of the Europeans I am not denying the fact of cultural transformation and complex social phenomena that we all are a part of nowadays. I am only emphasizing that in my opinion the Europeans are loosing their ability to actively shape the face of our continent because they are too accustomed to prosperity. It may seem that I am not evaluating the current situation in EU only judging european citizens, but I think that the “external factors” influencing the EU, are less significant that the attitude of its citizens. Therefore by evaluating the current situation on our continent I’m actually evaluating the way that Europeans think. At the end I would like to add that in my opinion the way of thinking presented by young Europeans differs very little from the attitude of the older generations when it goes to some crucial ethical and curtural issues.