EVS for Global Understanding

EVS for global understanding is a project that includes 30 EVS mobility between 6 and 10 months with the Europe-Asia dimension. This project is an attempt to combat poverty, social exclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, and at risk of social and economic exclusion. This will be done through education that volunteers will provide. By offering the education that will contribute to the development of the local society, participation, and in the long term basis to eradicate poverty, improvement of the health, eliminating illiteracy, and gender equality the project will influence the development in general.

Volunteers must be 18 – 30 years old, and legal residents on one of the partner countries, motivated to engage him or herself into the activities described in the project in the serious and continuous way and possess the sense of responsibility and adaptability. They will have the constant support of a tutor and supervisor of activities. Those will try to offer assistance at all times, both personal (the tutor) and in regards to specific collaborative tasks in the project (the supervisor). More HERE