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A Citizens’ Agora to combat youth unemployment

If you are interested to participate in the Citizen’s Agora on Youth Unemployment, please carefully read the following. The European Parliament’s Citizens’ Agora on Youth Unemployment aims to gather young people from all over Europe to discuss the current challenges in Europe’s employment market. Two young people from each Member State of the European Union, aged between 18 and 30, will be invited to this conference – one who is employed and one who is unemployed. They will debate with participants from the other Member States, with the assistance of experts on a number of specific topics related to youth unemployment. The recommendations coming out of this Citizens’ Agora will be communicated to European decision makers.

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“Mano a Mano para Amistad” – “Hand in Hand for Friendship”

The Youth Exchange “Mano a Mano para amistad” will meet two in one: education in Europe using non-formal methodology and awareness among youth about the importance of children & youth. In any project we will try to achieve an objective: social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and families of lower economic status and always being aware of that. This Youth Exchange promoting diversity will bring together 50 young people aged mainly between 17 and 26 from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Algeria, Egypt, Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and Gaza strip, Israel, Turkey, and Spain. The activities will take place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, from 24 to 29 of May, 2011.

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EVS 2011 project

The project is organized by Association Centro Intercultural Ideas de Colores Gran Canaria, Spain.  Project manager and coordinator is Kristina Cernousovaite. More information here