About us

CIIC promotes intercultural and interreligious dialogue in order to learn from the experience of other countries and cultures and to transfer our culture and experience to the others.

The organization is focused on providing services, specialized on cultural and social education, international mobility and European projects. The aim is to facilitate an access to initiatives and programs in local, national, European as well as International level. Our target group are young people and adults, public and private organizations.

CIIC members are active as volunteers, highly motivated and willing to work together as a team from the Canary Islands to Europe. Being more active in issues related to European citizenship they try to spread the spirit characteristic of the Canary Islands, while making them known in the rest of Europe and beyond.


The centre was officially registered in 2009 but started its activities in 2008. Initially, the organization was set up by Kristina Cernousovaite, that is an expert on non formal education, free-lance projects coordinator and trainer, working in national and international levels.

The main idea to establish the centre was based on the initiative to support the local youth in Gran Canaria and promote the possibilities for young people to participate in European projects, internships and exchange programs abroad.

In October 2011, CIIC accepted its first EVS volunteers, Paulus and Vilma from Lithuania, who participated in various CIIC projects, and created a documentary movie called “Vidas Distantes”.

In a period of 1.10.2012- 01.10.2013 CIIC functions also as a hosting organization of EVS volunteers from different countries such as Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Turkey.